Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Prosport featured a quick interview with Catalina Ponor, who is home at the moment in Romania, hanging out with her family.
Now, I knew Catalina and Marianna Bitang had a lot of love for each other (remember Ponor refused to work under Forminte? And Mariana continued to be her personal coach, even after no longer heading the National team?), but I didn't think Bitang would think it feasible to tempt Ponor back onto the National team.
But apprarently she did suggest it to Catalina, after the B's returned to the program.  Ponor, however, knows her time for gymnastics is over, citing many health issues which would prevent her from finding form.  "I have had enough!" She told Prosport.
Apparently, however, she would still consider taking a coaching position in Romanina if the numbers were right, saying she would not refuse her country.
She does plan on continuing coaching.  She left teodora Ungureanu's gym, and after returning to Romania, came back to the states and spent some time working in California, and now is not sure wether she will stay in Romania or head back to the US or Europe.  The time in California was hard, she said, working among strangers with no Romanians around.
It will be interesting to see how she develops as a coach.

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