Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The US Classic looks to be fun what with all the comebacks.  Alica Sacramone will be there, attempting to show that she is as capable as the babies and the other comeback queens.
Happily, the midgets, Sam Shapiro and Mattie Larson, whose form and grace we all admired before they fell off the map a few years ago due to injury will both be showing their faces.
Mackenzie Caquatto will be there.  (Okay peeps, I take it back- she only had a bad comp on floor in Italy- Let's hope she can make the Worlds team!
All the US girls who competed at pac Rims will be therem, with Jordyn Wieber probably whipping butt all over the junior field, and Bridget Sloan trying to prove that she is still the stalwart in the senior field after missing that meet over a sprained ankle.
Kayla Williams is going to be making an appearance and we can see what a change of gym has done for her.
Chelsea Davis,of Texas Dream, will also be there, showing her comeback face before working toward her career at georgia.  That interminable back injury proabbly put paid to all her hopes of making a Worlds or Olympic team, but I have always liked Davis and hope she will have a great run at as a Gym Dog.



  1. Super duper excited at the field! There are about 12 girls to watch...should be one of the funner meets for us in the states!

  2. Should be a great competition. Don't understand your comment on Mackenzie Caquatto though. Looking at the stats from Italy she finished 1st on beam, 2nd on bars and third on vault. Floor was not good, I agree, but she was competing on a badly injured ankle and leg and probably should not have even done that event. I say kudos for her for going out and putting it on the line for Team USA. I hope she goes out and kills it at VISAS.

  3. Hey Anonymous I agree with you on Mackenzie. This kid came out of no where. Her coaches have done an incredible job with her in an extremely short time. She wasn't even in the system or on the map 2 years ago in the elite arena when she came into Championships and qualified to Olympic Trials, very impressive. I hope she can stay healthy and crank out 4 for 4 at Classics and VISAs. Would love to see her on the 2010 World Team.

  4. Mackenzie apparently just placed 2nd AA at the most recent national team training camp right behind Aly Raisman, so I hope things are looking up for her at Classic. I'm very excited for Mattie and Shapiro as I didn't know either of them would be there...100% thrilled to see ASAC...and am just anxious to see if Kayla's bars/beam has improved after being at CGA (or if MLT has destroyed her vault!). I think the junior field is going to be more exciting than the seniors because aside from Jordyn (and Kyla) a good chunk of girls is scoring around the 55-56 range, including a bunch who missed making the national team last year. I think Classic will be a great first look at who has national team potential. I think I'm actually more excited for the junior comp than the seniors.

  5. I really like Mack Caq by the way. I'd love it if she was on the worlds team too. I got the impression that that floor exercise was a total meltdown, that's all- but perhaps I am wrong!!

  6. Will Kamerin Moore be there??? She's currently my fave of the US juniors; I really want to see her new floor and the tucked double double off bars she's supposed to be training.

  7. Moore is just getting back to training so I doubt we will see her for awhile and Macko is a College gymnast. Very average and if the US weren't so weak now she would be no where near the top. The juniors are the future.