Tuesday, July 20, 2010

BERLIN EUROS 2011.....

So Germany will be hosting the European Championships in Berlin next year.

 This should be fun!  The German Gymnastics Federation have just announced the logo and motto for their Championships.
I get the logo business- it's all about branding sports these days- but the motto?  Lordy, the only place one sees the motto is on the press release!

Anyway, the German motto is supposed to be the four 'F's.  But of course, in English, it is two 'f's, a 'p' and a 'h'. 

But, you know, whatever.  It's 'fresh, happy, pious and free' in translation.  I am down with the fresh, happy and free- particularly the fresh- let's have some new skills!  But pious?  How Victorian!  of course, it probably means something diffierent in Deutsch! 



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  1. Nah,pious sounds just as dumb in German. The organisers are just stuck in the 19th century.