Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yep, finally it's finished!  Issue Five of the Couch Gymnast Magazine!

In this issue you will find;

A feature discussing the reasons behind China's slow, though deserved rise in the sport.

 Interview: Chris interviewed ex-Romanian beam coach Maria Cosma, responsible for the routines of legends Aurelia Dobre and Daniela Silivas.

Interview: Marlies Rijken, Dutch National beam and floor champion talks about her life in the sport.

Justin Caouette analyses the potential of gender neutrality in gymnastics.

Interview: Meet Gina Robertson and find out what it is like to raise an international elite gymnast and keep a normal, happy family together as she talks about her daughter Brittany.

A profile on the career and potential comeback of everyone's favorite absentee, Anna Pavlova by Suna.

Ashlyn discusses Colombia's improvement in the sport, particularly its two young stars, Natalia Sanchez and Jessica Gil Ortiz.

Amy is back and training again.  Catch up with her latest gymnastics adventures in her gym diary.

The List: Tom Lane's late and great gymnasts of bygone days.

Italy report: Giuly witnessed some spectacular gymnastics from Italy's 1997/8 babies in a recent competition.

Romania- Bea takes a look at the next batch of juniors on the way up the Romania ranks.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this issue. It was great fun working with you all!
A big thanks to Eliana for the editing too!

As usual guys, it would be really nice if you could leave some feedback in the Guestbook for the writers who work really hard on this magazine.


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  1. Liu Xuan made it to the 1996 event finals at worlds.