Saturday, July 24, 2010


This is how the WAG quals will go!

Subdivision 1 -ITA, CHN, ARG, MX1 
Subdivision 2 -JPN, NZL, SLO, UKR 
Subdivision 3 -POL, ROU, BRA, ISR 
Subdivision 4 -ISL, IND, SIN, BLR
Subdivision 5 -AUS, DEN, MX3, GRE 
Subdivision 6 -RUS, SWE, FRA, GBR 
Subdivision 7 -HUN, USA, RSA, PRK 
Subdivision 8 -CAN, COL, AUT, CZE 
Subdivision 9 -ESP, POR, BEL, ECU 
Subdivision 10 -SUI, KOR, TUR, MX4 
Subdivision 11 -MEX, GER, NOR, VEN 
Subdivision 12 -UZB, NED, MX2, FIN

Sucks for Italy and China going up so early, but it will make it exciting from the start!


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