Tuesday, June 22, 2010


(photo: Etsuko Ikeda)

According to the Corvallis Gazette Times, the Australian National Championships will be all the richer for the fun and winsome presence of the now collegiate gymnast Olivia Vivian this year.
The gymnast, who brought her bars talent to the 2008 Olympic Team, and who has since become a strength on floor for the Oregon Beavers plans on competing at Nats.  The best part?  She is incorporating some AC/DC into her floor!

"I'm really excited to go home and compete with my Australian teammates again," Vivian said. "I've wanted to do this since last summer when I went home and all I could do was watch nationals. It was hard to sit and watch rather than being involved."
Vivian will return to Australia later this month to train. Since Vivian has been out of the country, she recently submitted a competition video of her routines on all four events to be considered to compete.
"Australian gymnastics is very different from college gymnastics and I'm looking forward to incorporating a few traits I've learned here into the Australian gymnastics culture," she said.
"I'm really excited to show off my college routines and plan to rock the judges' world with an AC/DC - Ironman floor routine."

Nationals will be all the more fun with her there!


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  1. She competed at the WA Winter State Champs last weekend with the level 10 team, the crowd loved her floor (it's the Iron Man/ACDC one she's been doing in NCAA). She's staying here til Nationals.