Sunday, June 20, 2010

(This pic originally came from Benoit at Gymnet.)

So the junior bubs of the Romanian Clubs (hee, that rhymed!) competed this weekend.  Of the Category I juniors, some familiar faces in the individual AA. I believe Category I is the 95-96 births.

1. Maria Balea                    CNS "Cetate" Deva                54.100
2. Madalina Neagu             SCM Bacau                              53.725
3. Georgiana Gheorghe    CS Dinamo" Bucharest           52.750
4. Andreea Tufa                 CNS "Cetate" Deva                51.900
5. Adina Buzescu               CSA "Steaua" Bucharesti      49.025

Maria Balea took the all-around by streaking ahead of the others with a vault score of 14.00, three tenths more than her nearest rival, Madalina Neagu.  Balea is also proving herself to be a potentially strong floor worker.  Her tumbling is high and she has a lot of energy.  With time, her difficulty  will get better.  For now, she twists beautifully, has high leap and shows off her flexibility with a - what is a Memmel called when it is only one turn?- I don't know!
(Georgiana Gheoghe)

I believe the reason we didn't see Balea at Europeans was because she was injured before them- but I am not one hundred percent sure!

Madalina Neagu scored an impressive 14.150 on beam, leading the field by eight tenths of a point.

Neagu, the only one of these girls to be on the team,  placed 6th in the beam finals at the Junior European Championships this year, a placing that was affected by a low execution score.  When she becomes more confident, the routine, which features a very pretty mount sequence and some flourish among all the usual skills, she will be able to clean op her feet issues and perform the routine well.

Georgiana Gheorghe landed her bronze by cleaning up on floor with a 14.300. Georgiana first proved her talent for floor at the 2008 Tournoi d'Arques, where she performed in the espoir category, taking the gold, the only medal for a Romanian- on floor at the meet. With a build remniscent of the younger Pitic, she demonstrated precise tumbling and potential for upgrades. In 2009 she was performing a very similar routine, but there is no footage of her from this year that I can find.

These girls will be eligible for London 2012.


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  1. Nice to see Neagu competing the AA again. So glad she seems to be recovering from her injury. When she was healthy she consistently beat Iordache and Bulimar on floor so hopefully she can get up to strength there. She would have won the bronze on beam at Junior Euros if she hadn't fallen on her front aerial (! after competing a beautiful switch ring and sticking her layout to 2 feet). She's quite graceful as well.