Friday, June 25, 2010


You've probably all read by now, either on Gymnastics Coaching or from Fishbulb on the IG forum that Japanese gymnast Miki Uemura is in Texas, learning coaching tips from the crew at WOGA.  I really hope it is so she can take that valuable learning home to help the Japanese get to an even higher standard than they already are at the moment. That'd be awesome.

Also, can she also take back some sartorial self help books too?  I know I have lauded Japan for their nineties leotards in the past, which I love for their avante garde, nature lovin' vividness, but the obscenely floral leatord that Koko Tsurumi was sporting at the Japanese National Championships in April was bordering on insanity.......
A few have already commented that they like it.  I like the colours, and the use of flowers, but it's the size that gets me.  In the pink one it looks like it is going to spread upward and devour her head!

I call it, The Flower that Ate Koko....

It was pretty much a floral version of an overshare in hot pink version too.....

(Thanks to Simone for the heads up!)


  1. I like the leo. I think it is different enough to stand out but not different enough to warrant looking away.

  2. I gotta disagree. I like this leo alot. It strikes me as feminine, different and also reference Japan with the flower choice. Classy twist on the pink leo.

  3. I think that that is a very pretty leo.