Wednesday, June 23, 2010


According to Prosport, Anamaria Tamirjan is contemplating retirement.  Sad news from a girl who has been fighting an uphill battle with injuries for so long now.
For years she has been an elegant, valuable and sometimes under-rated gymnast for Romania.
Anca Grogoras told Prosport that there is still hope she will overlook her difficulties, but because of the injuries and growing up, gymnastics has become hard for her.
If she does retire, she will be missed.



  1. Anamaria Tamirjan will indeed be missed. It is so sad that the career of a gymnast is so short, and then if they suffer from recurring injuries it can be even shorter.

  2. I can't help but wonder how much the coaching situation in Romania has affected her decision.

  3. My thought exactly. And, I don't expect her to be the only one to make the same decision.

  4. Anamaria had no chance to have a place in the team at the World Championships in 2010 and even less to play the 2012 London Olympic.She knew it very well!
    Opportunity to reach the 2008 athletic form was not even theoretically possible, especially after the two operations.After the Beijing Olympics she would have to become more competitive.Because of injuries, it was not possible.
    So the weakening of competitive form, injuries, long recovery, lack of motivation, weight gain .. what was the alternative?
    I think its very wise decision.
    Her decision has nothing to do with changing coaches.
    It seems natural to not be struggling if there are no prospect!
    She complete now high school graduation exams.In autumn it will begin Faculty of Physical Education and Sports.
    Everything will be fine!
    Ana Maria took the best decision for her!