Wednesday, June 9, 2010


In Bruin off-season news.  Miss Val is being inducted, with seven other honorees into the Bruin Athletic Hall of Fame for her work with the gymnastics team over the last near-twenty years.  On top of all the year-to-year successes, Val has coached four different Honda Award winners, including Mohini Bhardwaj, Onnie Willis, Kristen Maloney and Jill Andrews.  Climbing the ranks from student coach, Val has been the rock UCLA gymnastics was built on.  Congratulations!

In other news, the Bruins had their annual banquet where everyone got kitted up, honours were given out to individual gymnasts and there was general celebration.  There is no article, but there is a photo gallery (go to view John Wooden photo tribute, when that appears, see top left it says view other galleries- then view other sports- then go from there). 

Gymnasts always look a little funny in dresses. don't they? Kind of like horses in tutus!

Vanessa Zamarripa, perhaps unsurprisingly won the Gymnast of the Year Award in a dress that looked like it belonged on a woman fifteen years older at least.

Brittany McCullough was honoured for her Floor Championship title and looked really beautiful in a simple black dress.

Chloe Takayanagi wore a dress so short that it barely constituted being called a dress.

Miss Val looked great in a prim but fitted pink vintage style dress with a modern neckline.

Elyse Hopfner-Hibbs awarded the Bruin Spirit Award to Freshman Lichelle Wong.  Unsurprising either, considering how highly Miss Val sung Wong's praises all year long. EHH wins the award for prettiest patterned dress for the second year in a row. Lichelle also kept it simple and looked really pretty.

Danielle Greig won the Top Academic Award.  Maybe that is why I am not really sure who she is- she was studying all that time!

Brianna McCullough looked really cool in a white angular number and was awarded a pair of new shoes.  Why I know not!

Talia Kushynski won the Breakthrough Season Award.



  1. There's a link to a John Wooden tribute, but I didn't see anything for gym...

  2. On the front page which directs you through to the JW tribute hit the photo tribute to him. I the corner, you will see a 'view other galleries' link there. Then 'view other sports'- head to gymnastics!

  3. I would've thought maybe Tauny Frattone would get the Brakthrough Season Award...

  4. Do you have any idea why Chloe Takayanagi is not listed on the Bruins' roster this year (for upcoming 2011 season)?