Saturday, June 26, 2010


The Nelli Kim article featured in the International Gymnast Online is probably one of the best interviews ever featured on that page.

Not only does Kim enlighten us on some of the concerns of the FIG about the current code, and the kinds of debates that are happening about changes that can be made to it, it actually interesting to see both sides of the issues at hand, which she does provide as she accounts for some prospective changes.

One thing I was particularly smug to see in her discussion was this new deduction for 'bodyline' for gymnast who just stroll from well-executed move to another.  That particularly lazy choreography has ticked me off no end in the past few years.  A gymnast would do a split jump, for example, then take two normal steps with no real presentation, because they were thinking of the next move, a turn perhaps, or another jump and then leap into that skill. You would never, EVER have seen that in the old days.  Every movement was accounted for in the seventies and eighties- every movement was choreographed.  There was no walking into skills, or shuffling into corners and I AM SO FREAKING GLAD the F.I.G is taking notice.
Maybe girls will starting dancing into the corners again.

Also, it was very sad, but interesting to hear of the end of Nelli Kim's career and how she was treated.  Methinks that transition period between the Madames and the pixies in the late seventies was an ugly and bloodthirstily competitive time in gymnastics, even among team mates.  And then to have the specter of Mukhina hanging over your head........

A really, really great read..... Thanks John Crumlish.


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