Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Prosport interviewed Sandra Izbasa about how she feels about the changes.  She told them everyone will work just as hard, but did say;

"I feel a bit scared because I need help, especially on floor, where I rely on Mr Forminte, and it's hard to do myself.  I will miss his help because he was near me so many years."

Sandra is working on floor, beam and vault as she tries to get her skills back.  She plans to take it slowly, before heading out into competition.

Sandra recalls meeting Belu and Bitang when she was evaluated for the move from Onesti to Deva at fifteen.  She said it was new and that she felt many emotions being discussed in front of everyone. Now, she said, she has matured and sees thing differently, that she knows "how much he (Belu) wants to reach the top."

When asked if she had ever wondered what it would be like to work with them, she said, somewhat philosophically, "No, because regardless of who you train with, doing somersaults is the same, all the exercises and elements are the same."

On being team leader;

"I am proud to say this is a big responsibility and I hope pay her well.  It is true that last year I (edit!!) was not much of a leader, in the gym, in training as my injury put everything on its head.....  But I hope everything is slowly returning to what it was."

She told the paper she has respect for them, and hopes to not ever have problems.



  1. am i hallucinating, or is that a usa leo i spot?

  2. Hmm. The translation of that last quote is rather dodgy. What Sandra is actually saying is, 'True, I haven't been much of a leader over the last year, in the gym, at training, as my injury put everything on its head. But I hope that everything will gradually become the way it was.'

  3. Thank you. Wow- it was really far wrong this time!1