Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Prosport has featured a picture gallery of Belu and Bitang's first training with the girls at Deva.  There are lots of shots of the B's in coaching motion and casts and bandages everywhere, though they would be hard to avoid at the moment.  Nice to see Lilia is still there. Nice to see Sandra's still having a giggle in training.  Nice to see Mariana looking slightly p'ed off.  But methinks that might be her default "concentration" face setting (actually there are a lot of her smiling too!). And it is definitely lovely to see Gabi Dragoi after all this time- girl looks thin enough to me!
I also love the 'limping into the gym' shot with Anca Grigoras looking concerned! 
I also love that they are having what we call "chicken races" over here as part of their training!
I can just imagine Belu saying, "Yes, yes, come in and take photos, and then don't come back until after the Olympics!".  You can view the gallery here, at Prosport.



  1. I would like to know why Sandra is wearing a USA leo...

    And FYI, the link to ProSport doesn't work.

  2. Okay, link works now. I don't find it strange that Izbasa is wearing a USA leo. Isn't it an old tradition to swap and buy other nations gear? Also, she brought back stuff from The Nadia Comaneci Invitational, including t-shirts for the girls. She probably got it there.

  3. It's surprising-and a bit reassuring-that B&B are letting the press see what they're doing in Deva-or is it Izvorani? I have a feeling they might be trying to let people in more instead of keeping them at arm's length. That's good news.

  4. In this session, all the girls wear outfits brought by Sandra - via Nadia.