Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My legend of a new gymnastics friend has properly translated the speeches by both Forminte and Stoica.  So here they are in all their non-babbled-fish sense making!

Thanks you!

The coach of the Romanian national women’s gymnastics team, Nicolae Forminte, resigned from leading the team today.

‘I have decided to resign from the position of head coach and to leave the Deva team. I have made this decision because I can’t see a place for myself in the projects for the team’s preparation for the 2012 London Olympics. When the Federation is requesting the help of Mr Octavian Belu and Mrs Mariana Bitang, I can’t but conclude that they no longer believe in me and that this is no longer the place to be for me. I’m leaving safe in the knowledge that I’m leaving behind some good kids, with potential, and especially that the team is in a much better place than when I took the reins,’ Forminte told ProSport.

Nicolae Forminte became head coach of the women’s gymnastics team in 2005. He replaced Octavian Belu, who had resigned from the position of team coach.
Stoica has confirmed Forminte’s resignation

The President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Adrian Stoica, confirmed Nicolae Forminte’s decision to ProSport. ‘Things are a mess. It is true that Mr Forminte has resigned from coaching the team today, although we asked him to think things over and change his mind. What happened is that we, the Executive Committee, decided to involve Mr Belu and Mrs Bitang in the training activities, and we never thought that this would prompt the head coach to leave the team,’ Stoica said.

At the moment, the officials of the RGF are not concerned with finding someone to replace Forminte. ‘At the moment we are not considering a possible replacement for Forminte. We have a team of coaches in Deva which deals with training. They will be supervised by Belu and Bitang, who will return to Deva, but the team will also be moved to Izvorani. We decided to request the help of the two coaches because things didn’t click at the last two competitions and things didn’t seem to be headed for improvement. Following a meeting of the Executive Committee, the new coaching team of the women’s team will be made up of Octavian Belu, Mariana Bitang and Anca Grigoras, technical director’, Stoica concluded.

Stoica’s quote from Jurnalul:

‘What was at the bottom of all this was that the Federation wished to correct some things which weren’t right at the women’s team for at least the last three major competitions. Our conclusion was that in order to do well in the lead-up to the Olympics and at the Olympics themselves, it would be good to join all forces. Both Octavian Belu and Ma¬riana Bitang agreed to get closer [to the team], to help out, and I don’t see anything wrong in that. Nobody wanted to dismiss Nicolae Forminte. I don’t think anything spectacular has happened; just what needed to happen, except for one person’s self-importance.’

‘No one has said that Forminte has been given the boot. His announcement represents a personal decision.’

It was also decided at yesterday’s meeting of the Executive Committee that former gymnast Anca Grigoraş will become the technical director of the women’s team.


  1. Thanks for the translation. Sounds like our Nicolae couldn't accept that he needed help and had to resign to make his point. I think it's great news for Romania and we can start hoping for great results from them again.

  2. I'm kinda nervous about Belu and Bitang coming back... Under Forminte, the gymnasts seem a lot happier than when they were under B & B...

  3. I don't think it's great news for Romania at all. We all remember how skinny, tired and unhappy B&B's gymnasts were. I frankly think Romania's trying to do what USAG did in 2000-and it'll work out about as well, which is that it didn't at first.

  4. We don't know everything on the inside. I can kind of understand Forminte's position. Perhaps he knew more than me. Perhaps his philosophies are so opposite B&B that he felt he would be going against his principals too much to allow them to help out. Either way, I wish him the best.