Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My friend has once more been fabulous and translated an article about the Forminte resignation- and some of Stoica's descriptions of what exactly is going on over there in Romanian gym-land.  These shed a little more light on the whole situation.  As she points out- it looks more and more likely that B&B are there more in an advisory capacity to the current coaches than anything.
This will certainly aid the Romanian team.  Belu is an excellent technician and his advice to whoever ends up in charge if Forminte won't back down will be utterly invaluable. 

I must clarify too, especially to the person who believes I "don't love Romania" because I don't want to see them win medals.  I have not actually said I am against the two B's coming back.  In fact, I don't know how I feel.  On one hand I think it is great, they are clearly excellent coaches who get results and are better technicians than Forminte- but on the other hand little warning bells go off and things like "Sabina Cojocar" go through my brain.  But if it is in an advisory capacity- I think it is great- and I hope Forminte gets over it and comes for the ride.
But it is silly to say I don't want the Romanians to succeed, because I certainly do.  They are my team.  The fact that they have not had the success rate they did under the B's (but remember, that all fell apart too- think 2005) doesn't bother me as much as it does others clearly.  Their artistry has improved and their level of performance has too- which makes me happy.  But clearly, I am a gymnastics fan before I am a nationalist.

Anyway, here is the article;

Adrian Stoica, the President of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, has stated to Agerpres that Mariana Bitang and Octavian Belu, who on Tuesday accepted a request to return to the coordinating team of the senior women’s team, have come to an understanding with the Federation of the ‘gentleman’s agreement’ type. They will stay on until the 2012 Olympics. Their financial remuneration has not yet been discussed.

The Federation’s Executive Committee met on Tuesday with just one item on the agenda: an analysis of the team’s preparation for and participation in the 2010 Birmingham Europeans and measures to be taken with an eye to preparation for the London Olympics. Although the targets were met, the members of the Executive Committee identified a series of failures in the team’s preparation and decided to reorganise the leadership of the women’s team by appointing coaches Mariana Bitang, Octavian Belu and Anca Gigoraş to the new coordinating team.

‘In our opinion, without looking at the results, because we met our targets, we didn’t see certain basic things at the last three major competitions – I’m referring to the European Championships, last year’s world championships and last year’s Europeans – things related to preparation, things which we kept expecting to improve but didn’t. From the opinions put forth in the Executive Committee, we gathered that there were certain hitches in the team’s preparation, that there were still bad things and things which could be improved. In that situation we appealed to everybody in the gymnastics community to do everything in their power to help the sport and to lend a helping hand. We especially appealed to Mrs Bitang and Mr Belu,’ Adrian Stoica, President of the RGF, told Agerpres.

The head of the Federation specified how the coordinating team will work, and also revealed the fact that the Federation and Bitang and Belu have not yet signed a contract. ‘The three of them [Bitang, Belu and Grigoraş] are a team that discusses things, takes measures and puts them into the practice of the coaching team. The two of them [Belu and Bitang] may not be 100 per cent familiar with the latest changes in gymnastics, but that’s why Mrs Grigoraş [one of the highest-ranking judges in the world] is there, so as to make sure things are resolved on the fly, in the quickest way possible. I’m not worried. We are working on the details. So far no contracts have been signed; it’s all still at the level of a gentleman’s agreement. I’m convinced that both Mr Belu and Mrs Bitang are well aware of what the Federation can and cannot afford and of the fact that we have limited means. We didn’t prioritise the financial problems in our discussion; as a matter of fact we hardly even touched upon them. I’m glad they have proven open [to our invitation] and that they are willing to get involved in this activity which they know so well. There was a time when they didn’t want to get involved, but the fact that we have succeeded in convincing them to return to gymnastics is extremely positive. Our agreement will last until the 2012 Olympics.’

Broadly speaking, the gymnasts will prepare at Deva and Izvorani [the training centre established by the Romanian Olympic Committee], and Mariana Bitang and Octavian Belu will ensure that training proceeds without a hitch. ‘Training will be divided between Deva and Izvorani, and they [Belu and Bitang] want to be at training as much as humanly possible. But, being the professionals they are, they will do their utmost to make sure that there are no hitches in training from the moment they accept this job. Those who have worked with Forminte until now will stay on the coaching team. We haven’t made a single change and we don’t intend to. Even Mr Forminte has a spot on this team. I’ll repeat that he wasn’t given the boot. There is a need for Forminte’s expertise as well, so I hope he will get over his hurt pride,’ Stoica emphasised.

The Rotterdam Worlds (18-24 October) will be the next major competition, but Adrian Stoica reminded the press that the Olympics are more important: ‘None of us is mad, and they are not making any promises. It’s hard to say now what things will be like at the world championships, four months from now. We will try whatever we can for the world championships, but our focus is on our preparation for the Olympics. We have taken into consideration all the possible outcomes, but as I see it, the world championships are not terribly important, whereas the Olympics are extremely important.’

Stoica thinks that Octavian Belu, Director of the Olympic Academy of Excellence, will not have to resign from that position. ‘I don’t know if Mr Belu will have to resign as director of the academy. We’ll see how things work out as we go along.’

The first competitions for the senior women’s team will be held in August.
You can read it in all its Romanian HERE



  1. I can't stand these people who say because we care about how the KIDS are treated means we don't want Romania to win. THERE ARE THINGS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WINNING, YOU IDIOTS. Remember Alexandra Marienescu? I still believe her. Same thing with Cojocar. Same thing with Silvia Stroescu, who said Belu hit her, and you know what? SHE NEVER RETRACTED THAT unlike Marienescu and Cojocar.
    Having gymnasts who are healthy, happy and love gymnastics is more important than gold medals. And B&B never had healthy OR happy gymnasts.

  2. Take a look at them celebrating the team gold in Sidney and in Athens. If those aren't happy healthy gymnasts I don't know who is...
    Girls like Marinescu, Ungureanu or Cojocar weren't that succesfull. So in my mind if the girls who won tons of medals (like Raducan, Amanar, Gogean, Ponor or Milo) never acused B&B of anything, for them it's worth it...

  3. Maybe Amanar, Raducan etc. weren't subject to the same sort of abuse since they brought home the medals! Perhaps the abuse was borne out of not winning when you were expected to! Just a thought!! To me a true indication of a great coach is not how they act with a healthy and successful gymnast but how they act with the kids who have difficulties!

  4. Alina Stanculescu,Andra Stanescu,Rodica Marinescu,Aluissa Lacustean,Cerasela Patrascu,Andreea Grigore,Loredana Sucar,Steliana Nistor,Ana Maria Tamarjan,Gabriela Dragoi,Camelia Voicu,Ana Porgras,are just some of the injured girls under Forminte command.In just five years!
    It's a "performance"!!!..........

    B & B never had so many injured gymnasts!Not even in 20 years!!!!

  5. That's BS. About the only one who didn't do that well on that list was Marinescu, and that was because Belu was biased against her from the beginning. Ungureanu (Team gold in 1999) and Cojocar (team gold in 2001) were far more SUCCESFUL. And-Milo accused Belu of keeping her prize money in 1997. So Petrovici's claims were rather familliar.
    Those girls in Sydney (oh, yeah-they're happy while Belu is feeding them appetite suppresants-Neurofen, anyone?) and Athens were NOT HAPPY. They deserve an Oscar for their acting job, but that wasn't real. At all. They're just so brainwashed they refuse to admit it.

  6. Doc marten, trust me you have no ideea what you're talking about. You are there, and WE ARE HERE, literaly feet away from the girls. We se everything that happens in Deva, we hear EVERYTHING is being said in competitions on the bench. EVERYTHING. Ungureanu and Cojocar were your typical "team gymnasts" but lacked in individual succes (except Ungureanu's european floor gold). They were happy and trust me, here in Romania we hear them remember those days in such a great way. You (not you personaly, in general gymnastics fans from other countries) form your opinion on what you hear and read in the media and that's far from the truth.