Sunday, June 20, 2010


(Tess Moonen by Sandra Janssen)

It sounds like a whiny love ballad, probably played on acoustic guitar in the moonlight, but really it is the names of the women, Mayra Kroonen and Tess Moonen, who won their divisions of the Dutch National Championships this weekend.

This is not the only thing these two gymnasts have in common- they both qualified 12th into the AA finals of their categories at the European Championships this year too!

Mayra Kroonen, at the ripe old age of 22 took the senior title by pulling out a four-for-four performance.  Wyomi Masela, the favorite, fell from beam and landed in second place. Kroonen placed 12th in the all around at the European Championships this year.

Celine Van Gerner, who placed fourth on beam at the European Championships, was not present.

(Masela- bars winner)

In the apparatus finals;

Vault- Mayra Kroonen
Bars- Wyomi Masela
Beam Marlies Rijken/Mayra Kroonen
Floor- Marlies  Rijken

Marlies Rijken trains at ProPatria Zoetermeer. Her brother Frank is also a gymnast.

(Marlies Rijken)

Tess Moonen, who is a bright hope for Dutch gymnastics, ripped the competition to shreds, taking the junior title by a two-point-lead. Moonen is qualified for the Youth Olympics in Singapore.
Lisa Top and Tessa Gerrit trailed her in that order.

(Tess Moonen on top. Pic by Martin Mooij)

In the apparatus finals;

Vault- Lisa Top
Bars- Tessa Moonen
Beam- Tessa Moonen
Floor- Lisa Top

Lisa Top had a terrific AA competition in Birmingham, placing seventh, while Moonen took ninth spot and took the bronze on beam with a careful and clean routine.

It seems things are looking up again for the Netherlands.  Remember when they were looking amazing all those years ago?  When it seemed like they were going to start some serious vying for team medals?  Then the bubble burst and the dramas and tell-alls erupted from every crack.
Well, now it is safe to say, thing are looking tight, and soothingly calm.  It would be awesome for them to have strong home meet in Rotterdam this year!

Anyway, I am leaving you with a video of Marlies Rijken's floor performance from a meet earlier this year.  This is a good effort at choreography (though it could use work) with some lovelt traditional music. She has moments of polish and grace and as a tumbler she is no slouch either, opening with a double arabian. She also does a standing arabian on beam and shows off some lovely lines there too.



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  1. On a random note, look at those feet of Tess Moonen stading on the podium! She looks incredible graceful.