Tuesday, June 8, 2010


In  actual Romanian gymnastics news, the results have come in from the three girls who were sent out to do Anca Grigoras's first gymnastics bidding. 

Diana Chelaru only placed 4th in Spain at the Joaqim Blume Memorial.  She scored a 54.45 which was not enough to beat Izurietta, Downie or Lopez.  She received a very low 12.600 on beam, so her mistakes must have happened there.  Chelaru, however, has never really been a strong AA gymnast.  As we move into the strong team-focus part of the quad, we may see her specialise more on vault and floor where the addition of Belu could see her improve even further.

The other girls, Dana Trenca and Daniela Andrei, who went to Belgium, had greater success, however.  Trench took first in the all-around, while Andrei took third (edit).  This competition offered prize money, so Trenca earned 3000 euros while Andrei made 500.  This is a good result for two girls who have been kept in the shadows a little.  Both, I believe only performed on one event at the Romanian International (or was it nationals) and now they are getting a chance to prove if they are contenders for team spots over the next couple of years.

Also, I'd love to see Izurieta's vaults and beam performances- as they were her highest scores- the girl has obviously been working hard.  Congratulations to her for her efforts.



  1. Here you have Anita Izurieta's floor and vault performances. I have not found beam though. Sorry.



  2. Andrei finished third, not second.

  3. 3000 Euro?!?!? Wow!

    Could you tell me which competition this was? I can't find any information about a competition in Belgium (I checked the website of the Belgian gymnastics federation).