Thursday, June 17, 2010


(I guess you learn a fair bit about militancy in gymnastics!)

Hi Guys, I do apologise for the delay in writing.  I was in Tasmania (where life is slow and the internet is slower) and then I had a horrid postgraduate conference where I had to present my 'research' to all the other students and lecturers in my department.  It was truly terrifying.  But it's all over and I am back!

I have been, as some of you will have noticed, doing my best to answer Formspring Q&A's. it's a fun way to communicate, though some people don't seem to read it and ask the same questions I have already answered.  So don't get sad if I just write see below.

So, what have I missed?  You all know by now Vanessa Zam managed to score herself a berth to Nationals after a little trip to BiegerLand.  That's great news!  Obviously, as her difficulty stands, she doesn't stand a chance at any big teams, but it must be really fun for her to have a go again. i wish her luck.

Hearing that Terin Humphrey was going to be a police person gave me a good belly laugh.  It's not about Terin, persay. I laugh when I hear that anyone wants to be a cop.  Why oh why would you want that?  It's mostly boring, and when it's not boring, it's bloody dangerous!
It is, however, funny to think of Terin, who was described by her coaches as a girl who always needed positive reinforcement, to put herself in such an out there job.  I wish her luck.  I wonder how distracted the crims are going to get by her looks?
And I wonder if they will let her wear the old eyeliner?

What else.  Utah is joining the Pac-10.  That should liven up Pac-10s a little!

By the way, if you are wondering when the next Couch Gymnast Magazine is coming up, it is very, very soon.  It has just been very, very busy lately.  Plan for it to come out about once every two months at this stage.



  1. Not just Utah... OSU, Okie State, and several other big schools are being courted as well. Personally (as someone who lives in the Pac 10) it's extremely dumb but its all about money.

  2. re formspring - I can never get it to show the older questions once I get to the bottom of the current page. I click on 'more answers' and nothing happens...
    That might be why we ask the same old questions over and over - cos we can't see the old answers.