Saturday, June 26, 2010


(Corina. Photo: Prosport)

The press is still banging on about Corina Ungureanu's training with the girls.  It is pretty amazing.
A short interview with Prosport revealed that she is commuting to train with the girls for five hours every day from Ploeisti to Izvorani.
She went back into training on a 'joke' bet with her boyfriend that apparently got serious!
She is struggling with tendon pain, but tries to push through it.
She is going to try for a spot on the Worlds team, but is not expecting miracles.  Her first competition will be the Romanian Nationals.
It would be awesome to see another gymnast in her thirties at Worlds.  No guesses who'd be team captain at that meet then! 

(Izvorani. Photo: Prosport)

Also, the Romanian team has been training, if you didn't already know, at some facilities in Izvorani.  I believe these faciltiies may be somewhat better than at Deva (I wonder why the National Team stays there- isn't the gym really old, and don't some half finished new living quarters still just sit there rotting, without the money to finish them?).   Anca Grigoras has told the press that there is so much work to be done before Worlds, that they are keeping the girls there, and in work mode, as they already had a break post-Euros.

The girls are also scheduled to compete in Great Britain in Ipswich.  I am not sure if this is against the British National Team, but I imagine they would be wanting to test that particular opponent after their embarrassing defeat at the Euros team contest (not to belittle the fantastic effort made by Great Britain!).  That competition is in August,between the 12 and 15th.


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  1. The translation of the Prosport article that I read said it was a 25 minute drive from Ploeisti to Izvorani.