Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Prosport has announced that Nicolae Forminte has offered his resignation from head coach position today.

 This is a translation of what he is quoted to have said;

"I decided to quit the post of coach-coordinator and I divide by lot from Deva. We made this decision bearing in mind that the projects to prepare the team for 2012 London Olympics, I can not find the place. As while the federation has requested the support of Mr Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang Mrs. believe that no longer trusts me and that my place is not here. I am leaving with satisfaction that let some good kids with potential, and especially since the lot is in a much better situation than when I took! "
 That is all the article said really.  No word on if it is true, that the two B's are coming back to replace him or what.
EDIT: Jurnalul says B&B and Anca Grigoras will take the job.  I wonder if Cosma will stay?
Here is what Stoica said;

The basic idea is that the federation was intended to correct some things that went to the female group, at least the last three major competitions. Our conclusion was that until and including the Olympic Games should we make a figure as I felt so beautiful and right to gather all forces. No one said that it gives out the coach Nicolae Forminte coordinator, his announcement is a personal decision. Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang, agreed to come about, help, and see no fault in this. Again, no one wanted to remove him Nicolae Forminte. I do not think anything dramatic has happened than what a person should save vanities. The Executive Committee hearing new women's team coordinator lotuluui Românuiei consists of Octavian Belu, Mariana Bitang and technical director Anca Grigoras, "said Stoica. 

Hell, this is tough on the girls at Deva.  So much upheaval all the time.
For one thing- I trusted you, Nicolae- and I will be sad if this is true.



  1. You know, it's interesting how you seem to know about all these things before IG and other "official" gymnastics websites. Wait, I know. I bet they're all followers of the Couch Gymnast, and that's how they get all their gymnastics news!;) At any rate, I've heard (seen?) this on the IG forum, too, but nothing yet from IG. But as I said, they're usually behind on this sort of news.

  2. It seems to be true and final. The country is buzzing with news.

  3. Am I the only one surprised that all the chatter at IG about this is positive?

    I liked Forminte. And quite frankly, its not his fault that B+B left him with hardly any competitive gymnasts when they left..

  4. The chatter at IG is positive because the people on that board don't know jack about gymnastics. If they DID, they would know how stupid Romania is for bringing back B&B. This frankly reeks of desperation on the RGF's part, and it's going to end up biting them in the assets.