Thursday, June 3, 2010


And they just keep on coming!  Here is translation of an interview with Octavian Belu for y'all's perusal. 

What I wanna know is, everyone's talking- who's actually doing the coaching at the mo?! 
Maybe Lili C's got 'em all lined up on beam, working on the arm flapping and shimmying, thinking "yes! let's get some more beam chorey in before the Tumble Nazis all get back!!"

You can read this interview in Romanian HERE

 What prompted you to come back?

First of all, work obligations, because I’m responsible for the Romanian Olympic Committee’s preparation for the 2012 London Olympics and I’m trying to help as much as I can. My second motive would have to be my affiliation to the gymnastics family, because I worked in gymnastics for so many years and I have all these memories. I responded favourably to the Federation’s request for a long- or short-term collaboration, however long they think is best.

Will you be the new head coach?

I’ve noticed this is already a hot topic of debate, who will be the head coach. We are a team – myself, Mrs Mariana Bitang and Mrs Anca Grigoraş, the technical director. I don’t know what will happen, who will come [and be head coach].

What kind of system will you employ?

The coaches will be given more responsibility. Each coach currently with the team will co-ordinate the activities on a particular event. There will be preparation programmes and targets. We will not take over their work, as one might think. We have joined an existing team.

Where will training take place?

Things are very simple, but they are made more complicated by those who have entered a gym only to change a light bulb. There will be times the girls will train at Deva, due to their education, because they are high school students. During the holidays and when they don’t have school, they can come to Izvorani or Oneşti, or they may even have training camps abroad.

Will you commute between Bucharest and Deva or will you move to Deva?

We will be where the team is. When the girls are in Deva, I will be there, and when they go to Izvorani, we will accompany them. I think things will be easier for us because we are a three-man team. Two of us can be there, or one of us, or even all three of us, whatever seems best at the time.

What do you think of Nicolae Forminte’s decision to resign?

I hope he will reconsider his decision. There was and still is a need for him. He is a capable man, I’ve seen him do very good work on vault. I was never after the position of head coach. I was in that position for fifteen years and it doesn’t mean anything to me any more from a professional point of view.

Will you be in the gym as much as before 2005?

Back then I was in the gym 24 hours a day. If there was no training, there were other related problems to deal with. It will not be hard at all for me to pick up training, because I never fully left sport.

What do you think is causing the numerous injuries on the team?

This is a major problem. We’ll have to see why these girls are getting injured so often, because I don’t think they are more fragile than other gymnasts. We will assess things, we’ll discover the causes and we’ll see what we can do.

You are returning to gymnastics under a new code of points…

I’ve lived through eight code changes. I’m not afraid of one more. I’m aware of the changes and we’ll see how to use the good ones.

How do you feel about the recent gymnastics results?

I’ve stepped aside and I’ll refrain from making analyses. In the Executive Committee I saw a pertinent analysis by Nicu Forminte, who rather courageously spoke of the European Championships as a ‘kind of failure’. He had a very clear view of things, in contrast to many others, who said things were OK because we had a gold medal. What’s done is done. I will have a look at it from now on.

Is there any hope for more gold for Romanian gymnastics?

We must have that kind of hope, because otherwise we’d stay at home. The potential is still there. All athletes have that kind of hope – not just gymnasts, but athletes from all sports, because otherwise their sacrifices, training camps and renunciations are useless.


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