Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Now that's some easy maths!!!

Many of you guys may have already seen this, but I am so happy right now, and it is all thanks to Nade00 for uploading The Gymnastics Monster Box Challenge from 2004 up on Youtube!

 I saw this bad boy a few years ago, and it amused the heck out of me.  Then, last year, I went looking for it everywhere, but could not find it.  I was sad.  Now I am not.

Yep, that's what I said, Gymnastics and a Monster Box.  A great big giant vaulting box that gets bigger every time the gymnast attempts to jump over it!

And who are the gymnasts crazy enough to take on this challenge?  The post-Soviets of course!!!
Some Team Ukraine, including Mirabela Akhunu, Irina Yarotska and Alonya Kvasha, as well as some Russians- the gorgeous Miss Pavs and our 2004 resident diva, one Ms Svetlana Khorkina.  Yep that's right, it's not enough for her to holler at the vault in the Olympic Stadium for what it did in Sydney- she gets to take it out on a giant one instead!
I love when they ask her questions- she is sooo Russian! "Verrry Eassy!"

And who wins?  The girl with the springiest legs of course.  You should be able to guess.

And who is responsible for this little piece of ridiculous?  Who else but a crazy Japanese Game show!  And if you have never seen one of these mental things, you have must have at least seen the Simpsons spoof....

And yes, when you miss, it does look like it hurts!!




  1. Yay for Akhunu!! I always had a soft spot for her. Hope she got some decent prize/appearance money for this :)

  2. Where has Ukrainian gymnastics gone! I loved their style...

  3. P.S. Apparently she lost (and possibly tried to defend??) her title in 2008. Would love to see that on video!