Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After a forewarning that a Tuesday meeting would decide wether Nicolae Forminte, who has had a month to think about it, would return to coach the Romanian National team,  it seems Nicolae Forminte has taken the wise path, and headed back to join the new coaching team at Izvorani, according to Prosport. I though perhaps that a month away from his years long obsession might help change his mind.  Slipping back into regular life would be pretty difficult, even if he wanted to.

Apparently the Federation are looking at this change of heart optimistically, and Forminte told the press that he had put in a lot of work for the team as a 'soldier' for the federation and that the team was what was important.  It looks as though he will return as a specialist- vaulting, I am guessing, and Grigoras has said that there will be decisions made as to how power will be distributed under the new arrangement.

I am really pleased he has chosen to come back.  many will not care, as long as he is not in charge, but he is a good coach, and a terrific vaulting specialist.  Whatever people say, he built a team from nothing and kept them afloat when others did not.  He deserves to still be a part of it.  I am sure the girls will be very happy too.



  1. I'm happy that he is back. we have to remember that he built a team from nothing and that artistically they have improved a lot. also, their bars' form and work have improved a lot. I wish them a lot of luck.