Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Reader, Marcus raised an interesting point in reaction to Gymnastic's Coaching, Rick's post on the Commonwealth Games. 

We know, from her interview with Gymnastike, that Marissa King is trying for the Commonwealth Games team.  Marcus asked, could she be a potential champion over there? We know GB isn't sending it's top gymnasts for fear of Dehli belly.  Australia isn't looking to competitive right now, even if they do have to send their best in order to get top funding from the government.  I don't know what Canada is planning.

Marissa is certainly in with a chance to do some damage in this competition.
For one thing. Marissa will have learned a lot about consistency in her Freshman year with the Gator's.  King, who only this week shared the Newcomer of the Year Award with Freshman star Ashanee Dickinson, won the all-around on several occasions during her first season and placed fourth AA in the SEC league.  She also made floor and vault finals at the Nat Championships.  If she can keep the head together, she is a strong contender.

Frankly, I think Marcus is right, Marissa may well be a sight for sore AA eyes in India this year, so I hope she makes it.

(I also hope Malaysia kick some butt too after their performance at pac Rims!!)



  1. go new zealand!!! i hope they have a good competition! if GB isnt sending their best mens team then our men could do well too.

  2. Marissa looked FANTASTIC at the British Team champs in May!