Tuesday, June 29, 2010


According to one of the best sources of English-speaking China gym news, The IG Online Chinese Gymnastics Appreciation Thread, some of the girls are finally getting some new choreography.
Deng Linlin was first up, getting a more modern and "vivid" routine that suits her explosiveness.
Sui Lu, who has been using the same routine from Worlds last year will also be getting a change.

It is to be imagined that the choreographer in charge is still Adriana Pop as she has been working with them for many years, and the article one user quoted said it was a choreographer who had been with the team since 2002.  The information, which is gleaned through Head Coach Lu Shanzen's public blog, also states that Huang Qiushuang is slated for a new floor after Sui Lu.

It will be refreshing to see some new stylings from the always elegant Chinese girls.  As one IG'er is moaning, I really hope Yang Yilin gets a change too.  It's time!!



  1. More skinny:


  2. yang only got a new one last year and i really liked that, deng and sui have been waiting way longer. i hope they work wonders with deng please, the other didn't suit her that much