Thursday, June 3, 2010


Once again, another couple of great translation from my invaluable many-languaged friend!
It seems Forminte is already thinking about staying on.  Let's hope he gets over the ego blow and does it. He says his decision has nothing to do with pride, but come on, really? It must a little!  Anyway, this little blogger would be happy if he stayed, and the B's came too and all the great minds could solve some of the issues the Romanian team have together.  But, you know, I'm not holding my breath either....

From Prosport....

Currently in his hometown of Constanţa, Nicolae Forminte has stated that he does not rule out a possible collaboration with the Romanian Gymnastics Federation. ‘Having seen the Federation’s position in the press releases, because no official has rung me to tell me anything, I don’t wish to entirely close the door on a collaboration. Mrs Bitang rang me yesterday to say that she didn’t wish for any of this to happen, and I believe her.’ Forminte thinks he will try to find a place for himself in the training plan which is currently being finalised. ‘Maybe it was a rash decision, so I’m open to a continuation, after I’ve analysed everything which has happened and seen what kind of plan will be put into practice and whether I’ll be able to help. I’ll think about it.’

Then, he said later;
‘I don’t hold a grudge against Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang. I’d be the last person to contest their merits, especially since I was part of their coaching team for a long time. When I took over the team, I would have had to be half blind not to know what was expected of me. I think I’ve been done a major injustice. After the Europeans I knew this was going to happen. After that there was a training camp at Izvorani which was very stressful. Some action was taken there in which all the big names in Romanian gymnastics took part, and it all happened without any prior warning to me. It was a clear sign for me. The only thing I reproach myself with is that I tried too hard to humour everybody.’

‘My decision had nothing to do with pride. When you weigh all the good aspects of Romanian gymnastics, you can’t question anyone’s pride. I acknowledge that I’m self-important, proud and haughty, but without these qualities one doesn’t have the right to wear the national colours. Every man compromises his dignity, but only up to a certain point. The current team is more valuable than the one I took over five years ago, because at the time I had no seniors on the team. I’m satisfied with what I’ve accomplished in those five years, and coming third in an official competition is significant. However, I think I made a contribution to those 81 medals when I was part of the coaching team, and also when I was the head coach. And on top of that I also contributed about twenty medals with the juniors.’

‘If they want me, there are ways to communicate so that we can discuss a continued collaboration. If they don’t find a way to convince me to go on, my resignation stays in effect. So far, the only one who has contacted me is Mariana Bitang, and I’ve received an e-mail from Anca Grigoraş. Anyhow, with the kind of family obligations I have, I can’t stay at Farul Constanţa for ten million lei.’

Nicolae is currently at home in Constanta...... (Happy? ;-) !!)

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