Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As was expected from the rumour-mill, Alicia Sacramone will be making her re-appearance onto the podium at the US Covergirl Classic according to the Gymnastics Examiner.  Sacramone has a hell of a lot to prove- that she is back, that she is consistent and that she can beat the kids who have climbed the ranks and are already doing the same tricks as her.  It's gonna be tough, but all power to her, I say.  I heart me some Asac and U.S. gymnastics was a lot more fun when she was around.

What I am interested in, however, is how much will her performance at Beijing affect her chances at making it onto a big time team again?  Will Marta forgive and forget- or will it come into play when thinking about wether to throw her into high pressure situations?  I hope not, but geez, its kind of hard to ignore.

But then, on the other hand, Asac has pulled through when needed just as often.  Her biggest challenge may be Raisman- not Marta.



  1. In Beijing, Alicia was pretty taped up and banged up. I wonder if some of that contributed to her utter FAIL there moreso than nerves. Hopefully, Marta will look at it that way when picking things like Worlds teams...that is, of course, IF Alicia has it all back.

  2. yayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay that made my day :)