Monday, May 24, 2010


(Crap- my blog all of a sudden won't allow me to embed video- WTF?!- so if you want to see what i am talking about- CLICK HERE)

In 1985, at the World Championships, Chinese gymnast Huang Qun gave us a typically lovely Chinese beam rotuine in the AA competition, replete with fine form, generally great execution and scarily low landings, but what i am curious about, is exactly what went on at 1.35 after the second front aerial?  Did she forget her routine?  Did she change her mind about some sort of backward acrobatic element?  That is kind of what it looks like.  First she throws back her hands and sits as if she is about to back flip, but then goes into some curious aerobicize moves.  Hmm.

On aside, I heart me some sideways back flip.

(Yeah, this doesn't really work without the video.  Be a good couchy reader and do your homework- go watch it!)



  1. I watched other videos of Huang Qun's BB, and she does the same arm motions.

  2. It really looks like she wanted to do a bhs or some other backward acrobatic element as you said. Maybe she just lost her balance - not visible to the eye - and she felt she couldn't do the next element. She just left it out in order not to break the rhythm. But I can only guess and it really looks kinda weird what she is doing. But I don't think she forgot her routine, I think she changed it - for whatever reason :)


  3. I think it is just what she was supposed to do. Nowadays we are so used to see two front tumbles to a back something that it looks stange, but back then it was not so usual.

    To me it did not look strange or anything.

    Have a good day!

  4. It's actually at 0:35, and I think that's just crazy choreo. Didn't look to me like a mistake, change in routine, or unplanned element at all. This /was/ the 80s, after all...