Thursday, May 20, 2010


Talk about a slow gym week.......

There is nothing going on. Nothing.  Nada! Zilch!

Thank crap the Canadian Nationals are on soon or we may all die of boredom.

Gymnastics Coaching has had a few tidbits, but he always does.

The kids over at IG forum are discussing such trivialities as (don't get offended- I LOVE trivialities) as hottest gymnast and arguing which was the best gymnastics shoe worn by an Olympian on beam between 1992 and 2004.  Okay, I was kidding about the last one.

Even the Gym Examiner has been quiet and she always finds the news.

I would have written but I had nothing to say.

Quick!  Nicolae Forminte!  Say something stupid!  We need you!

Actually, I don't believe having nothing to say has ever stopped me before- so why am I letting it stop me  now?

Okay, so here are the gymnastics related thoughts I had today.

A girl rode past me on her bike the other day while I was waiting at  an intersection and I thought, "Gosh she looks like Daniela Silivas!"  Then I thought how weird it is that I see people in life and think they look like these people I don't even know.  It's even weirder because it's not like if she looked like, say Angelina Jolie, and I could say to a friend, or even to her, "Hey she/you looks like Angelina Jolie!" and they'd know what I was talking about.  If i told someone they looked like Daniela Silivas they'd think I was a weirdo.

I had a moment of feeling very, very proud of Gabi Dragoi today.  I was thinking of her in the beam finals in Beijing.  I mean, I would have thought Nistor or Izbasa would have made beam finals, but there was little Gabi, all on her own, the lone Romanian- which in of itself was weird- and she performed really beautifully.  I would have expected a young 'un such as herself to fall apart, but she didn't.  She had no chance of medalling really, be she still did a gorgeous job.

Will I always like gymnastics?  When I am a little old lady, will I still be plugging away on the internet trying to find out who won what where and watching Youtube clips voraciously? Will I still be the Couch Gymnast?

I am completely in love with the fact that someone did a Pang PanPan montage to INXS.  It soothes both my love of The Pang and of eighties music!!

Who does the Gymnastics Results web page anyway?  That is the single most useful gym website fact-checking instrument ever!  But boy, what a job!  If I met them, I'd give them a standing ovation!!!

Okay, that's all!



  1. I found this while I was snooping around the Russian gymnasts' websites and thought you might appreciate it. Tatiana Nabieva...and Marta. Here:

  2. Don't feel weird about the Daniela Silivas thing, once I went out to eat and noticed that my waitress looked just like Alicia Sacramone, it bugged me all night

  3. HAHAHA! this one has been one of your best entries...

    1. hate when I saw a girl looking the same as a gymnast or a name, for example. Few weeks ago I met a guy who's last name was "Karoly"; what could I say... he was obvioulsy not related to "the Karoly's"... anyway.

    2. Gaby Dragoi did awesome at the Beijing's BB EF, very Romanian of her (not risky, well performed routine).

    3. "Gym Results" is the most reliable source for gym facts... whos's anyway in charge of it? a gymnastics mafia?

    4. I never understood the Ksenias entrance to the FX in their 2009 routines... very nice though.

    5. I saw the picture of the russians with Zamo as a new gym judge... she's getting better with time.

    6. Do the Chinese have ever considered their "over-use" of hair clips?

    *I recommend you Nastia's olympic glory fluff at Youtube... there was one similar of Mary Lou... but Nastia WAS the REAL champion (my champion for 1984 is Mostepanova)

    Greetings from MEX!