Wednesday, May 5, 2010



Despite the Russian dominance at Euros this week, some other nations did get to shine.  Ukraine's Nataliya Kononenko lived up to her hype on bars by taking the bronze medal.  Becky Downie and the British team in general finally shone.  And in the juniors, we did see some hints of excellence from nations other than Romania or Russia.

One shining light was Italy most promising junior upstart, Erika Fasana, who finished fifth all-around in the finals. Not only did she have a fabulous all-around effort, but she qualified to three out of four event finals and took a bronze on vault.  She has some wicked explosive power on vault, and just needs to clean up a little in the air.

Another nice surprise was Swedish junior, Jonna Adlerteg's fourth place in the bars finals.  The minute she leaves the spring board you can see the 'bars body' on her.  She was clearly very nervous because her swings were almost too tight and her moves were very tentative.  Still, you can see potential for a lovely bars worker here.

Tess Moonen's bronze on beam was another very welcome addition to the podium. Moonen is a clean gymnast whose skills are performed excellently on beam. She seemed to over-check herself after each landing, and if she'd tried harder to disguise this lack of assuredness, she would have come out looking more terrific.

And a true hero of the junior competition was French junior, Natalia Zolotaryova, who not only made two event finals, but performed a bar routine where she whacked her nose on the high bar coming down from a release and continued the routine despite a bloodied nose and leotard. That is one stoic lass!


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  1. oh my I am really liking Jonna Adlerteg! I love the fact she doesn't do the whole "stick my neck like a turtle, arch my back and then swing" thing! It's so lovely and nice to see