Sunday, May 2, 2010


This, I would expect to see on a European gymnast- but it's cute.  I take no issue with it.  

This, one the other hand, I hate with the passion of a thousand fiery suns....

I like this one- probably because it reminds me of Cheng Fei (oh how good would it have been if Chengy had been here to be mother hen to the China babies like Ksenia was to the Littlest Ruskies!?) but it seems way to mature for this little doll.

I like this one better- mainly because it makes me think of nineties China- when they were as talented but way underscored. The neck could be lower.

This very regal.  Classy.  Very Chinese.

Okay, I have been hanging around too many teenagers because I'm loving this pink leo on her.  Unexpected, but very cute.  Are they allowed to pick their own or something these days?



  1. I like the first and second to last ones...

  2. i second the 1st one is my all time they just need to move that chinese symbol to the arms and it would look so much better

  3. Did you see the phoenix (Beijing AA) one on sale in the foyer on the GK stand!?

  4. It wasn't for sale. they just had it there to demonstrate that Moreau designed it. Which explains why it was there all weekend! They have only recently started stocking Moreau leotards and most Australians don't know the label.