Sunday, May 2, 2010


Historic- Malaysian gymnast Cheong Tsee Teng qualified to two finals, and performed her way into the top ten of the all around competition on the Friday night. The graceful young gymnast narrowly missed out on winning a bronze medal on floor when Kristina Vaculik slipped past her by a .2 margin.  Head coach, Ukrainian Nataliya Sinkova was extraordinarily proud of her gymnasts, especially after they were the top team of the first subdivision.  This competition provided a chance to see how competitive her squad could be against other Commonwealth countries before the Games in Delhi, which are very important to her adopted country.

Comparing medals.  I asked Dom Pegg if there was any skill she remembers having trouble learning.  She couldn't think of a single one.  No wonder she is so talented!  Pegg just needs to relax in competitions and not try too hard and she could have some amazing results.

Maddy Gardiner landed a medal on beam. I heard one of the GA staff say, 'my, she is big for a junior!"  Maddy is tall, but it gives her a presence and composure many juniors lack.  She also fought hard to come fifth of the juniors in the AA.

Gossip time!!

Angel Wong of Hong Kong. If this girl isn't a diva- she totally should be.  She has the presence, the looks and the personality.

Poor old Larissa faltered on her watered down routine, but plans to go home and build her strength for Commonwealth and World trials.

Milly McGrath wins the beam mount award.  Her press to spilt handstand pirouette to planche was just a stunner and the girl is naturally graceful.

Georgia Wheeler finally got a chance to smile and relax.

Woopsy!  I didn't mean to make McGrath's face look like something out of a Munch painting!

Brossy and her game face get their dance on.  On a hilarious note- I heard Rebecca say to someone backstage, "So?  Don't worry!  I won beam and my routine was crap!"

Emily Little and Amelia McGrath- two proud little Aussie medal winners.

No flash makes Siqi Zheng look even  more like a doll!

Alexa Moreno was so surprised and pleased about her bronze medal.  She had not expected it in the least.  A proud moment for the girl who shone for Mexico.

Team USA- twelve reasons to smile that night.

Poor Kristina- as the woman was trying to shepherd the girls into their lines for the medal ceremony- they kept trying to put Kristina into the junior queue and she had to keep saying, "No, I'm a senior".  She was all like, "I need to wear a sign or something." 

Rebecca Bross abandoned her soft toys for photo time.  She must have quite the menagerie of Australian natives by now.  I don't think they gave out any wombats or platyus.  Sad.  The Roo and the Koala may be the celebrities, but the wombats, the echidnas and the platypus are where the true cuteness and weirdness of the Aussie animal lies!



  1. Just want to say I absolutely love the photos and hilarious commentary you have been providing over the past several days. It adds a great perspective for those of us that couldn't attend Euros or Pac Rims... Thank you!

  2. I second that!

  3. Your pics are amazing! Congrats on some sweet coverage. You must have a fantastic personality to have the girls give you such friendly answers etc. Nice Work!

  4. Thank you so, so SO much for all the fantastic coverage and pictures! It was...a little like being there :)
    Also, Becca's line is fabulous. I'm dying to know who she said that to.

  5. Thanks for the coverage, CG. It was such a joy to meet you! Your photos, reports and quotes have been stellar.

    I filmed the medal ceremonies, and after either Brossy's or Jordyn's 975612648138 medal and stuffed toy presentation, Rachel and I joked, "She has so many now. Will she get stopped at customs? For smuggling flora and fauna!?"