Monday, May 3, 2010

Okay, I am such a ridiculous softie.  I have nearly cried repeatedly watching the Romanians medal at Euros! Chelaru looks wonderful these days, and I just love Racea.

Ana Porgras on beam just slays me in teams.  To think that it was the best she has nailed that routine in absolutely ages and she was doing it in that kind of pain.  Her composure is stunning, even a little shocking.  It reminds me of Sandra Izbasa- was it a Euros?- when she limped off beam in the same kind of way.  Sad.


It is kind of depressing Ana did not get to vie for individual medals. I hope she will last- but the injury fest is worrying.



  1. Oh no! What happened to her ankle? It was injured before the competition?

  2. Poor thing =(

  3. yeah izbasa broke her ankle in the 2007 euros beam finals is the vid ;)