Thursday, May 13, 2010


Gawd- so according to one of my commenters, Nicolae Forminte did mean exactly what I thought he meant (don't know what I am raging about? See post below) in that Prosport article.

Wow.  I mean, aside for having no reason, or excuse to say such a thing about Tweddle in particular, I can't believe he was stupid enough to say such a thing.  Out loud.  But yes, our Nicolae was a big enough tool to say something so insanely stupid, and say it to the media at that.  I am flabbergasted  by this act of idiocy.

I don't get it.  Currently, in Australia, we had a local writer, a sort of comedian who was fired from the major daily newspaper for tweeting some pretty unsavory comments from the Logie Awards (our Emmys) last week.  The tweets she made were seriously unfunny and quite cruel.

 What I didn't understand about her, and what I don't understand about Nicolae's spurious allusions- (no not even spurious, they are sad-stupid-grasping-for-straws comments from a man searching desperately for an excuse why his young, inexperienced- as if that isn't enough of an excuse- gymnasts got beat by the British)  was how was he stupid enough to think saying something like that was a good idea?

I've always liked him, and maybe the intense pressure to do well is making him insane, but that is not a good enough excuse for making public, ungrounded accusations against another team's gymnast.  That's pure outright bad sportspersonship and I hope his girls don't learn from him in that regard.  Now I'm depressed.

(P.S- He did try and take it back HERE, but really, I am not sure what he meany there either!)



  1. If it counts for something..Forminte tried some kind of a denial:

  2. Belive it or doesn't make sense in Romanian either.