Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Remember last year when there seemed to be a definite lack of stars at the Moscow World Stars tournament?  Well, this year is shaping up to be a whole lot better.
The Russians are using some of their best seniors this time, including Mustafina, Myzdrikova, Nabieva and Kurbatova.  Kurbatova and Myzdrikova were the only ones who were present last year and will be defending their vault and floor (respectively) titles. Neither Ksenia is going.
 Goryunova, who took the bars titles is nowehere to be seen these day what with her year-long suspension for banned substances.
There will be a few other world cup regulars, such as the Brazilians, who are bringing Franco and Leal, as well as another gymnast I don't know, Priscilla Domingues Cobella.  I love watching Leal on floor and still remember how sad my mother was wehen she didn't do as well on floor in a World Cup last year as she thought she should.  It was far too difficult to explain the complex relationship between difficulty and execution to make her understand why, but Leal was great.
Valeria Maksiuta will be there, who i always enjoy watching, as well as Mayra Kroonen from the Netherlands, Jessica Lopez of Venezuela, the whole band of Uzbekistanis including the lovely Luisa Galiulina while one of their coaches, Chusovitina will be competing for Germany.
 India are sending four athletes and the PRK three.
And, excitingly, there seems to be a gymnast from Georgia coming too- by the name of Ketevan Bolkvadze who competed in the 2008 Doha World Cup event.
Vault may be the most hotly contested event there. 
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  1. Actually, according to the roster, Kurbatova won't be defending her vault title as she'll only be competing on beam and floor. Which makes absolutely no sense, since her best events are clearly vault and bars.

  2. Weird. Upper body injury? That'd make sense.