Saturday, May 15, 2010


I am sure by now you have all been informed of the scores and medal winners from the Moscow Stars competition in Russia this weekend so I won't go into details.  If you don't know- check out  the Gym Examiner's coverage.

So what is left to say, but to talk about the things that made Couchy happy?

Firstly, hats off to the vaulters.  I am really happy to hear Hong Un Jong stood up some spectacular vaults. Kudos to Oksana Chusovitna to maintaining her vaulting form- I still have huge issues with her bodily form in flight though- (but hell, you have to give it to her) to win the silver!

Nabieva's bars success was, perhaps, expected.  Cha Yong Hwa was another Worlds returner.  I loved her speedy, flashy bars work in London and I am glad she is still a presence among the top swingers.  It bodes well for Rotterdam this year.

The beam outcome had to be my favorite mixed bags of results, though.  Uzbekistani gymnast, Luisa Galiulina's beam win has been a long time coming.  She is innately graceful- but has yet to show how well she can put it all together. Un Hyang Kim delighted everyone at Worlds last year with her stunning beam work (and, much to my amusement, enraged Kathy Kelly by spraying the beam with water before chalking it.  "You can't do that!"  Kelly huffed and puffed.  Anyone'd thought the little Korean had smeared the beam with dog poop and set fire to it!) but landed just outside the medals.  I am of course delighted to see Ksenia Afanasyeva continuing her comeback with another great performance to tie for the bronze with...... Oksana Chusovitina!!!  Hearing that Oksy earned a bronze on beam makes me simultaneously amused, confused and like I can't wait to see the film evidence of our favorite senior citizen ripping out a medal-winning beam routine!

I have to say that a while ago, I really did not think much of Ramilya Musina.  I certainly did not think she would make the Euros team, but here she is, fresh from Euros and taking the silver on floor- which, I must admit, I thought was her strongest event.  The girl, I believe, does a double layout, and later, a couple of whips to double back pike, so it is safe to say her tumbling is up to scratch.....
It is also great news for Mayra Kroonen to eke out a medal winning performance on floor too, with her bronze.

I am also really pleased to see Jessica Lopez grab a medal.  She has been working so hard to stay in the mix through, and after her college career.  The fact that she and coach, Savage, bothered to strip back and address her in-built issues like her lack of spinal flexibility and her leaps at such a later date to give her a real chance at continuing her success is so, so admirable.  I am glad she has found some extra motivation in the form of some hardware.



  1. Here's the video evidence of Chuso's beam: posted all the videos.
    I'm so happy for Chuso, Afanasyeva and Galiulina :)


  3. Musina wasnt at euros.