Monday, May 24, 2010


Hiya all,

finally,there seems to be more gymnastics going on!  Blythe over at Examiner is liveblogging the Canadian Nationals if you want to know the scores. despite their not-so-great team showing after a week of highly impressive training at Pac Rims, I still have a whole lotta love for some of the Canadian individuals.  I particularly like DomPegg when she is 'on' and adore Vaculik's form.  I am also hoping Riley Cholod is back from her injury because she is a great little junior.

Meanwhile, last night, our indispensable Italian correspondant, Giulyx16 was kind enough to send me the results of the Italian Nationals.  I don't have much time, so I am going to give you only the top results.

Results m,ay have been affected by the absence of the injured Emily Armi and Paola Galante. but congratulations to Preziossa for taking the win.

All-Around results

1. Elisabetta Preziosa         55.100
2. Vanessa ferrari               54.800
3. Carlotta Ferlito              55.500
4. Francesca De Agostini   53.250  
5. Erika Fasana                    63.950
6. Eleanora Rando               52.050

Some old hands of the Italian brigade performed, like Frederica Macri and Francesca Benolli, but only on one or two events.

Here are the top event finalists;


1.Carlotta Ferlito  13.775
2. Erika Fasana      13.050
3. Frederica macri  12.888


1. Vanessa ferrari 14.350
2.  Erika Fasana    13.775
3. Eleanora Rando 13.550


1. Elizabetta Preziosa 14.825
2.Carlotta Ferlito        14.075
3.Erika Fasan               13.975


1. Vanessa ferrari              14.450
2.Frederica Macri             13.825
3. Francesca De Agostini 13.625

 Congratulations to Erika Fasana for making three of four finals!  To Vanessa Ferrari for clawing her way back to the top again.  To Preziosa for proving she is still a gorgeous beam worker and to Macri for proving what a vital event specialist she can be!



  1. What happened to Emily and Paola? Poor girls. :(

  2. could you please add that blue/flesh eyeball scraping goat screeching flaming mess of a leotard to the ugliest leotard contest? who picks that sh)t out the same genius that selects the brazilian girls' outfits? it's a wonder the girls could even perform for not hiding in embarassment and dying of shame.

  3. OK can somebody please tell me if Ferrari is going forwards or backwards in that shot; whoa!

  4. Emily has a minor knee injury (she landed with legs straigth on vault) and Paola has back problems.
    Ferrari is going backwards ;)

  5. Andrea Foti were also absent due to injury and Serena Licchetta