Sunday, May 9, 2010


It was truly lovely to see Aliya Mustafina performing as a senior at the European Championships this months.  It was strange, however, that even though it feels like we have been awaiting she and Nabieva's senior debuts for longer than they have actually been alive- I was quite stunned to see them looking so mature and grown up. Remember when they were the Big Two junior Russians?

Now, compared to the young Romanians, Mustafina looked like a full grown woman.  In fact she reminded me of the Beijing Anna Pavlova in her bearing and atitude.  I can't help feeling like we won't have her for very long- which may be stupid as she performed very well in Birmingham, earning two individual silvers and a team gold.  I know we will be, bar injury, seeing her at Worlds too- particularly as she was the only senior who was relied on to compete ALL events in the team finals at Euros.  But how much longer after that?

But with that rising tide of juniors, the Olympics being still so far away and Aliya's mature performances, I feel like I am setting up to miss her already.  I can't explain it- she may defy the odds. but who knows? It's weird. And sad.



  1. The two-per-country rule strikes again....

  2. I have to say, I don't really understand where your concern is coming from. Aliya was already acting like the team leader at Euros at just 15, and I think Russia will be wanting her to hang around for a while. They'll want to have someone with some experience at the Olympics and there's no telling how long the current veterans will last.

    Nabieva is the one I feel won't necessarily be around too long since she already has back issues.

  3. Hey i just Heard that she might compete in the Moscow world star something like mid May !! I cant wait
    great blog btw ;)

  4. She even looks a bit like Pavs in this picture.

  5. "earning two individual seniors and a bars gold"
    I think you mean earning two individual silvers and a team gold :)

    I think that we may see her in London as a team player, but not doing the all around.

  6. Mustafina won silvers on bars and beam and gold with the team. Beth Tweddle was bars champion.

    I agree with you about how long she will last. Sometimes when I watch her I wonder if she will even make it to London.

  7. Oops. Thanks guys! Somehow "two individual silvers and a team gold" became "two individual seniors and a bars gold" What!!

  8. She is the whole package for me. I'm praying she will be world champion this year as her gymnastics is far more beautiful than anything the USA has to offer. She will be 17 in London, which is a good age, but time will tell if she has peaked early.