Sunday, May 2, 2010


I can't help loving these gruff, but shyly sweet kids.  They are gorgeous and kinda cranky.  Afanasyeva is intensely shy, but lovely.  I gave the Russian girls, as well as some of the other nations, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia and Canada CDs of photos I took of them, and they was very smiley and pleased which is nice.

Inshina was practically growling the whole time- it can't have been fun being there and not doing anything.  This pic is a corker.  If looks could kill!

But then when I was taking their picture tonight, and teased her about how she never smiled, she grinned, and dropped her head shyly to rest on Rodionova's shoulder.  Cutie.  I caught a half smile in the photo

This little one's eyes take up half her face.  Stepanova will be a beauty later.  I wonder if she was fighting with the others.  She kept to herself a little and didn't sit with them to watch the men in teams and AA.

Making sure no one does a Hollie Vise....

A post beam smile......

Post beam de-brief....

And of course, a post beam hug!

In order to see beam!!!

Now she has worked out what to do with the hair, this one has graduated to drop-dead gorgeous!


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