Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So, yet another anouncement of the potential return of Shawn Johnson.  This one seems to be for real, too.  I admire her nouse if she really is thinking of coming back. I had been hoping she would eventually get bored with all the play stuff and get back down to it.  I hate to talk in cliches (who am I kidding- I love to talk in cliches!!) but you can only surf a wave for so long. you know?

It is going to be hella hard work after all that time off, and the Pac Rims competition certainly demonstrated that the US could lose its World Champion and still be utterly formiddable. I would love to see her tough clean gymnastics up against the likes of Bross and Raisman though.

It will be highly competitive to make her way back in.  To be honest, I think she may have a far greater chance than Alicia Sacramone, at making it right up to the big leagues.  ASac is up against what is basically the improved model of herself.  Ali is Alicia with the much-needed consistency. I want Alica back, though, because no one, I mean no one in the US gym world was as sparky or fun as her.

I really hope Shawn can do it, though.  She is lucky because she remains as short as ever, and she is clearly innately strong, so that shouldn't take long to regain.  She has also worked without any major (gymnastics-related) injuries and won't have to contend with the assault and battery element of training that Alicia, and even some of the current National team has to.  It will be the skills and the psychology that will be hard to regain, but she has a fabulous coach behind her too. I wish her luck.  It will be fun to see how it goes, if it does indeed go.  I am not going to be completely convinced until I see her do a full beam set in a major US contest!



  1. I'd really love to have her come back strong with her amazing form too! Aside from some splits being improved, her difficulty plus good form plus consistency was absolutely unique to her. Wouldn't it be a blast too if Mark Ballas would choreograph her floor routine?

  2. I think she can do it and with the moves she learned on DWTS I think she can be better than before. It will be so exciting to watch her compete with Weiber, Bross, & Reisman. 2011 is going to be an exciting time!

  3. She has been back in the gym this week at least long enough to get her giants back.

    " You know, I got to go home last night and tell my mom, ‘I can do a ‘Giant’ again!'"

    "I mean, training’s the priority..."