Sunday, May 30, 2010


Deng Linlins rumoured back layout full.  She came, she saw, she wobbled some, but she conquered it!  She wins beam at Nationals. Der.  That will be a nice trick up her event finals sleeve now, won't it?




  1. I'm hoping Deng Lin Lin gets more style by 2012. A few more upgrades, a bit more polish and more confidence, and she stands a good chance to medal at the 2012 AA.

  2. zero choreo? there was a pose just before the dismount almost.

  3. Deng has excellent tricks but zero artistry. I wish to God someone would give her a few nice poses and tell her it is in fact possible to move her arms independently of each other.

  4. I love LinLin, she is so exciting. I hope she ups her presentation before Olympics and gets a real shot at the AA.

  5. Deng Linlin has a lot of skills, but she could do with more grace. Everytime I see a new skill like this, I become ambivalent about the present Code of Points.

    On one hand, I wish for the old system, because I know that under the old system, a wobble means no medal regardless of difficulty, and I just love seeing the old routines without the wobbles, balance checks and dead hangs.

    Yet with this scoring system, at least we get a shot at seeing stunning skills such as these.