Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yep, just another competition to prove that Kristina Vaculi is BACK with a capital B.  Despite qualifying in second below Maddy Gardiner the other day, Vaculik rallied to take the Senior National title.  She was followed by Maddy, and then Dom Pegg.

Vaculik is the stuff gymnastics fluff pieces are made of.  A prodigious talent sidelined for the Olympics comes back after struggling for the finances and resources (according to Davydova) to treat a long-term injury properly, returns to elite with even better form and a scholarship to an excellent college under her belt.  If she was a US gymnasy, NBC would be sketching out its voiceover as we speak.

If Vaculik negotiates the Worlds and College training like she told me she was going to try and do, she is going to be a leader on a talented world team this year, no doubt.

And, if reports of the Novice Canadians are anything to go by, Canada really has an opportunity to become what it has been hinting at all these years, a dominant gymnastics nation- if they get the funding that is.

And, unsurprisingly for anyone who watched Nathan Gafuik dominate the senior men's competition at Pac Rims last month, he is the senior MAG champ.


  1. I like her gymnastics very much! I've just discovered her this week

  2. I LOVE Kristina and Domique!! Madeline hit 8 for 8, but both Kristina and Dom only hit 6 for 8. Both had 1 fall each day. I couldn't believe they both over rotated their beam dismounts. I'm sure my neighbours couldn't understand what I was hollering about... And Kristina STILL pulled it off. She's the best AA gymnast we've had in a LONG time. You can sugar coat it but she was totally screwed out of her Olympics in 08. I'm really hoping it doesn't happen again in '10. The top 4 seniors as well as a few of our juniors (GiLL) will make a phenomenal team for London 2010!

  3. So I suppose London will be in 2012.... hehehe. I really should proof read before I post.