Monday, May 17, 2010


A generous reader, Segault, sent me some of her happy snaps from the Euros and also from Visas last year.  Though you guys might like to see them, however belated they are!

"I gave my camera to the Ukrainian coach and his girls were happy to oblige; they really are a nice bunch of girls"

"The Russian juniors were delightful and always happy to smile for the cameras."

"You can't really tell, but Dufournet's eyes are actually filled with tears. her coach was trying to cheer her up after a dreadful performance that day. but she agreed to have her picture taken and posed for me like a pro (love the "gym fingers")"

"A lovely pic of a proud Romanian! ;) i heard she was training full-time and is ready to compete "

Ferrari was the only girl at the meet who refused to sign little girls' programmes and have her picture taken with fans. she disappointed many people all week long!

"The Romanians look crestfallen, and the Brits delighted! iIll let you guess when that pic was taken..."

Here are the VISAs pics...


  1. Lovely t-shirt of that mother!!!

  2. I actually have a photo of that shirt too! I thought it was really neat. We had seats in the same couple of rows as Claire's family. Also, I just wanted to let you know that I love you blog, I check it pretty much every day! Keep up the awesome work!!

  3. I agree - the T-shirt is priceless!! (pun intended).

    ~ Simone