Sunday, May 9, 2010


I don't know if you guys remember a year or so back when I wrote about young Diana Mansani, the baby Italian gymnast whose father I had been corresponding with about a place for her to train?  Well, Diana's father just sent me an update on his little one's progress. 

Diana must be at least eight years old now and has just won the Interregional Championships of Center Italy.  She took this title by a staggering five points over the second place winner.  She will be performing at Nationals in Rimini at the end of the months, where her father says she will be competing with the highest (I assume difficulty) score in the country at her level.

It will be exciting to see how she goes.  As long as Diana can remain injury free through her heavy training schedule, she is going to be a force to be reckoned with!
(I like that she is wearing a Ukrainian  leotard- her mother is Ukrainian!)


  1. Wow - impressive photos! Good luck to her!

  2. Slow news day?!? :-) just kidding. she is clearly a lovely little girl. but we all know it makes no difference how good you are at 8 years is how good and how uninjured you are at 16. Take your time becoming an elite, little Diana...

  3. Go Diana! I remember way back when you posted about your correspondence with her father. She was adorable and I'm so glad to hear she's doing well. Please give her my best. :)

  4. Thanks for the update! I was looking at old posts and saw the one about Diana and I was wondering what happened to her. Great timing!

  5. yes, no doubt MS ... Leonid Arkaev used to say that, to be succesfull, a gymnast should possess, above all, " iron like bones and tendons". yes, way back then most russian gymnasts used to train on killing-sturdy mats and equipments, but, the key remain the same: train hard and stay injury free!!!