Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, Chinese Nationals are getting underway.  There are a number of training videos up on Youtube already. You can watch a bunch of them on Komova's Youtube Channel.

Despite the various meltdowns at Pac Rims, it will be exciting to see how the young 'uns are shaping up.  They always, unsurprisingly, seem to perform better at home, even in Nationals.  The most exciting thing about these Nationals for a lot of fans is the return of the incomparably lovely Yang Yilin, who, aside from a recent performance (edit!), has been out on an extended injury.  It will be wonderful to see one of China's greatest ever all-around talents return, especially if, with her new height and time away, can return to her old form.

Yilin is getting back to form and looking pretty good on bars, thanks the Gymnastics Gods.  How I've missed her!  She was turning her typically beautiful, tidy pirouettes right on tiop of the bar.  She is doing a double front dismount too, which I was not expecting to see from her.  It will, however be easier, as she seems to have gotten taller in her times away.  It is performed gorgeously- but we'd expect nothing less from Yang!

Deng Linlin is looking all grown up.  She's chugging out the same floor routine, which is dull, but through a spectacularly high double pike in training. She gets such air times in all her tumbling, the layout full is entirely feasible for her, so I won't be surprised if she pulls it out at some point.

Rumour on the IntGym forum is that Linlin is doing a back layout full.  I watched her prepare to tumble about sixty gazillion times on one video, but no sign of any saltos at all.

Word too, is that lots of low-to-high bar transitions are looking to have improved.  This is good news for the Chinese, who have an age-old habit of transitioning into dead hangs.  I watched He Kexin's and yes, true, she swung right through beautifully.

Huang Quishuang also avoided the dead hang- but not nearly as beautifully as He.  Quishuang was swinging very slowly, which didn't help.  Her turns looked nice- not nearly as nice a Yilin's- and she missed a handstand.

I also watched a little Wu Liufang on beam and she looked steady, and quite composed excpet for one blowout on a leap series.

Anyone know what the deal is with Sui Lu these days?

Anyway, the competition gets underway in the next few days, so sit tight and wait for some (hopefully) stunning Chinese gymnastics.



  1. Yang Yilin isn't the one who hurt herself in a recent performance--that was Jiang Yuyuan, who suffered a nasty fall from UB during an exhibition in Hong Kong. She's still recovering from the aftereffects.

    Yang Yilin underwent back surgery in early 2009, but her recovery seems more or less complete.

  2. P.S. Sui Lu is definitely at the competition; it's just that no one has bothered to record her training routines.

  3. Yeah, I know Sui Lu is there, I was more wondering where she is at with her gymnastics. Haven't heard much since worlds last year.

  4. Sui Lu is in reasonably good shape. She's started doing the tucked barani on BB again, and her FX is pretty much the same as last year. She competed at the Wild Rose Invitational in March, placing 3rd AA and 1st on both BB and FX. Vids should be on Youtube. She's also slated to compete at the Porto World Cup in Portugal next month, along with Zhang Yujiao (new senior).