Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BY THE WAY........

Have we taken a moment to celebrate Henrietta Onodi's induction into the International Gymnastics hall of Fame?  Even if we have already, this little dynamo of the nineties deserves all the attention she can get. So, here are five reasons to love Henrietta Onodi- as if you needed them.

1 .  Her floor exercise choreography to West Side Story involved getting 'shot' at the end.
2.  The girl performed an actual mount onto the uneven bars, which she swung beautifully
3.  She was a flimsy little thing but could vault like a demon, taking a gold at the 1992 Olympics and the World Championships.
4.  She firmly placed the spotlight on Hungarian gymnastics in a way no gymnast had done before or since.
5. The Onodi on beam- what to say?  One of the most beautiful beam moves out there- and I always have a little instant respect for a gymnast who uses it. I do, before anyone jumps down my throat, know that Mostepanova did it first, but she must never have submitted it.  Instead, it is now Onodi's and will always remind me of this beautiful gymnast.

And, just because we love it- here's THAT routine....




  1. PolyisTCOandbannedMay 4, 2010 at 7:47 PM

    Never heard of her...

  2. she coached at a gym i trained at down in TX starting in the 99-2000 timeframe. she had good command of english as well