Wednesday, May 12, 2010


It seems that an anlysis made by the National Center for Sports Medicine in Romania has revealed that Diana Chelaru is the only gymnast on the national team working at one hundred percent good health.  Now I know that most athletes are nearly always working on some injury or another, but that is a little depressing, especially in a country without optimum sports medicine treatment facilities.

The girls are, of course, still working out- including Ana Porgras who is working in a cast. According to the Prosport article should be mended within three weeks.  This is, Nicolae Forminte claims, due to the fact that cracks heal faster than ligaments and muscles.

Nicolae Forminte told Porsport that many of the Romanian team are very delicate, but that push for sucess cannot stop.  The girls who competed in Birmingham got a two week rest, but then have to get back to work. He also told them, which might be considered a response to much of the crticism of late, that pessimism and realism may be considered the same thing in Romania.

He has also told Prosport that he is confident that Sandra Izbasa will return to competition because she is so ambitious.

He also has a wee whine, saying that if the old code had been in play, that Romania would have been the winning team in Beijing.

Diana Chelaru told reporters that she wants "to be healthy, I want to work more."  It was her first medal and it seems it has left her wanting more.

Amelia Racea told the media that the doctors have discovered 'something' -but does not say what- wrong with her



  1. Forminte thinks that team would have won in BEIJING? He's truly delusional if he really believes that. There is no way the Romanians would have won in China. No way.

  2. Doc if you would read the entre article you will understand why he said that. And he was right...

  3. Where is this article? I'd like to have a look see. Do you have the link?