Saturday, May 1, 2010


There is only one gymnastics photo more cliched than this....

And it's this.......


Is it just me, or are the Chinese always having wardrobe malfunctions?

Beam is o.v.e.r and Ksenia's happy!

See?  Hong's basically China (joke) and there we have it.... wardrobe malfunction!

See?  That's how those dumb Americans do jazz hands!

"Dude, what are you doing?" (that is actually what she did say!)


Like a cute school photo- braces and all.

Gorgeous smiles.  I had just busted the girls doing their spazzy 'we won medals' dance.  I laughed at them, and they cracked up and both held up three fingers at me, as if  to say"Yeah!  We rock! Medals!"

What happens when the two HBIC's meet?  Nothing, they ignore each other.  It was Ivana Hong walking past Al Fong at Nationals all over again.  Anti-climax. Except there was a distinct crackling in the air as they passed. And my ears bled that night.  But only a little.

Gaga has a poker face- US has a media face. I think Ali's lovely- and if she doesn't want to do the hair and make up thing, why should she?

Sneakers and leotard- just about my favorite look ever.

Post-meet hilarity.

Pretty Alexa Moreno

Cute seeing Ksenia be mother bear.  If people tried to talk to Rodionova she'd just holler "No Engleesh!" and laugh.  I think she may have been fibbing.

It didn't stop the Aussie girls lining up- "we wanna hug the little cute one!!"

Training dissaray.

Singapore and the hottest eighties gym sweats EVER


  1. Very skillful photos and sharp comments. Would it be tacky if I noticed that second Asac is starting to emulate first Asac's figure?

  2. I love that Singapore labels their gymnasts.

  3. Have you seen this pretty leotard?(Ksenia Semenova)

    I love this one too. Its mesh but she pulls it off.(Svetlana Klyukina)

    I like the color scheme on this one.(Samantha Peszek)

  4. Ksenia Afanasyeva wears a ring? Any special meaning to it? Just nosie.

  5. LOVE that Peggy/Marta shot. Taste the tension! ;)

  6. your blog makes my day, im always so excited to read your commentary, i never was a gymnast myself but i am a huge fan, thanks for everything that you do!!

  7. Marta is bitter about Shannon Miller that is what that look was about. Marta still can't hack Shannon kicking Zmeskals ass and she even hates her more for 96. Moceanu was supposed to be their second MLR and she choked

  8. Who the hell are you to call Americans dumb? That was rude and shows your ignorance

  9. Awesome pics!! If you have a spare second, in your event finals blog can you tell us how qualifications for event finals worked?? I'm watching a live scoring feed now and find it odd that Raisman isn't on the vault finals yet posted the highest score! And no Wieber or Ross on beam? Am I missing something? Haha...thanks!

  10. Hey, Mr/Mrs sensitive- no one is saying the Americans are dumb. Not even the Chinese. I was playig on the US/China rivalry. It's called a joke.

    As for event finals vault thingy- a friend told me they are not in the vault finals because they don't actually have second vaults!

  11. Oh, that's insane! You'd think Raisman would have SOMETHING. And I noticed after I posted that Wieber was on beam along with eyes glossing over at like 3 am NY time must've missed it! Thanks for your input...and for the awesome blogs!

  12. I love the Momma Bear photo of Ksenia and Anna. It's so darn cute.

    Your photos and commentary are amazing!