Thursday, April 1, 2010


The Chinese delegation have arrived in Edmonton for the Triple Flip Wild Rose Invitational this weekend. Deng Linlin, Sui Lu and Jiang Yuyuan are there.  While it seems like the Canadian and Great Britain competition may be a bit of an easy mark for these seasoned girls, one of their coaches, Jing Bin Xiong told the papers that it is about more than that.

"It doesn't matter the level of competition.  It is a chance to learn about other (athletes and cultures).  I expect them to do what they can do best and perform for themselves."

Edmonton local gymnast, Miranda Meyer, Canadian national beam champion has decided, according to the Edmonton paper, to try and not let the competition faze her.

"I'm not focusing on that she's world champion, I'm mostly thinking of my routine at that moment.  But I'm so excited to be competing against her.  I've seen her training a couple of days and it's amazing to see that I'm in the same level as a world champion, it's pretty cool."

Watch Miranda Meyer's beam routine here.  She has some really terrific skills (lots of saltos- including a front with a half twist!) and carries herself very well. She takes a little too long to prepare for her skills, but when she does them, they are done well for the most part. When she polishes up, she will be a beautiful beam worker.  She recovering from a lengthy elbow problem which has resulted in several surgeries. Her coaches are Valerie Oudin and Michel Arsenault.


Wild Rose has had an illustrious list of competitors over the years, including Karpenko, Boginskaya, Zamolodchikova and Amanar.  WR has been hampered a little this year by the Colombians pulling out due to injury  and a USA team from Golden Grip being unable to procure a visa for their native Russian coach.

The meet will be played out this weekend.  You can also access live scoring and streaming.  Live scoring is available on THIS PAGE where you can also register for LIVE STREAMING.


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