Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Right here!  Well, at the Stella Zakharova Cup, I mean.

I can't yet find a video of her bars, but here is one of her floor.  You just have to suffer through a hot mess of a beam by another girl, then you can watch her.
Laura dances well, has nice chorey, but there is not a lot of difficulty here. She is gonna need a lot more than that to make any kind of international impact.  And why, when she is clearly flexibile, are her leaps so short? It is the same on beam.
It is strangely comforting that she over-rotated that last pass, though....




  1. For some reason I still like Laura. I do find it interesting that she doesn't do a single backhandspring. Not sure why but I do find it to be a bit unique for this quad. And you were right. That first girl on beam was a train wreck.

  2. That FX didn't seem well-trained. I'm hoping it was one of her first times performing it, and she will have the "bad one" out of her system before euros. It also seems like she's grown a bit.

  3. I find her hand placement in her round-off really distracting, and I also don't think it's good for tumbling.

  4. From the inside sources, I heard she is not training well and has weight issues at home. She can barely do vault and floor because of lack of strength in her lower body. But I still love watching her bars and beam when she hits. What concerns the leaps and jumps, she had wrong learning technique when she was young...